It doesn't take 20-40 minutes to give a great talk but years.

I’m an English, French and Turkish conference speaker specialized in technical SEO who has spoken at leading industry events such as  TechSEO Boost USA, BrightonSEO UK, SEOCamp France, Web Marketing Festival Italy among others.

Some of the conferences where I spoke:

Web Server Logs As Key Data Source at BrightonSEO, September 2019, Brighton United Kingdom

TechSEO Boost: Technical SEO Conference at TechSEO Boost, November 2018, Boston, United States (participated in a panel discussion)

Crawl-first SEO at BrightonSEO, September 2018, Brighton United Kingdom

On The Road To HTTPS Everywhere at BrightonSEO, September 2017, Brighton United Kingdom

Future of Search & SEO / Featuring Six Blind Men & Elephant at Web Marketing Festival, June 2017, Rimini  Italy

The Road To A More Secure Web at SEOCamp, March 2017, Paris France

Recherche & SEO / Aujourd'hui & Demain at QueDuWeb April 2017, Deauville France

Sur La Route Vers Le HTTPS at WebCampDay, May 2017,  Angers France


Podcast at TechSEOBoost in Boston, USA: Interview with Aysun Akarsu

Contact Information

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/aysunakarsu

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/aysunakarsu

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Learn Programming for SEO on Dataizer: Learn Python for SEO

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Walid Gabteni: Consultant SEO

Vincent Terrasi: Data Scientist SEO

Remi Bacha: Data Scientist SEO

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