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1) BrightonSEO conference

This article was first published on 15/09/2017 and updated on 15/09/2019

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2) 1 million #SEO tweets

1 Million Unique #SEO Tweets I have collected 1 Million unique tweets with the hashtag SEO, actually more than 1 ...

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3) SEO data distribution analysis

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4) SEO data analysis

SEO Data Analysis This blog post and the jupyter notebook aim to answer the following questions:

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5) SEO data forecasting

SEO data forecasting With machine learning we can solve mainly two type of problems; prediction and classification.

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6) SEO, six blind men & an elephant

SEO Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated as SEO), is a very young profession. SEO is born around the 1990’s with ...

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7) Speaking

Aysun Akarsu is a trilingual(English,French,Turkish) data scientist and a technical SEO speaker specialized in machine intelligence for ...

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8) Technical SEO log analysis

Technical SEO Log Analysis on Linux. Web Server Logs Analysis is the essential part of Technical Search Engine Optimization. Without ...

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9) Media

Media     When   Title Search Engine Land   15/10/2019  Crawl data analysis of 2 billion links from 90 million domains ...

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10) SEO web server log files

Web Server Logs, SEO and Science When you talk with SEO consultants or in general with people about SEO, you ...

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Gael Gegourel: Data Engineer SEO

Hamlet Batista: CEO Ranksense

Walid Gabteni: Consultant SEO

Vincent Terrasi: Data Scientist SEO

Remi Bacha: Data Scientist SEO

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