Best SEO conferences in 2019

Best SEO Conferences of 2019 in Europe and the World

Why You Should Attend Conferences?

There are so many approaches for learning and improving your search marketing skills or expertise nowadays; reading blogs or books, attending webinars, watching how-to videos on YouTube. Why would you spend your time and money for a Digital Marketing Conference particularly for a Search Engine Optimization Conference?

You should attend a conference in your field because it is the only way for unique learning by breaking out of your comfort zones. Live events provide not only unique learning but also precious career building opportunities which can not be found in any place. Those are the reasons which are common for attending any conferences but what is special about an SEO Conference? What makes it "Do not miss event"?

Why You Should Attend SEO Conferences?

A Search Marketing Conference is a great way for networking, gaining exposure and knowledge in the online marketing industry. Without doubt the knowledge is crucial in this profession. However, in SEO, the information changes so quickly, quicker than in most of the fields. What you know today may be wrong tomorrow. When you are in an industry which moves so fast which is taking a shape by AI, facing all these rapid changes and the increasing information alone will be like Don Quixote's tilting at windmills. In an SEO event you can perceive which changes others observe, how they react to them. SEO Conferences bring the serendipity of information-encountering which is a must in order to survive if a professional wants to continue their career in SEO.

The visionary Alvin Toffler said:

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn".

This quote describes utterly the best SEO professionals who are not afraid of letting go what they know when there is a need for welcoming the new information.

An SEO Conference can offer you  the chance of meeting experts and influencers in person, learning about the new tools in the internet marketing industry. It is the best place for creating connections for further learnings, unlearnings and relearnings.

By the way why not having fun during and sharing your learnings with others afterwards? These days taking part in an SEO Convention shall not be seen all about personal and career development for the reason that you are going to share your knowledge with your colleagues, employees or customers sooner or later.

Best Search Marketing Conferences in 2019

There are more and more SEO Conferences each year. Some of them are real investment therefore it is essential to choose the best ones. That's why we prepared a list of Digital Search Marketing Conferences of 2018 for you.

Price Range

The full price for a “regular” ticket in  2018 SEO Events.


Price Range

up to €500


€501 to €1000


€1001 to €1500


€1501 to €2000


€2001 and up

For £ and $ replace € on the table.

seo conferences

Event Name Country City When Language Price
SMX Munich Germany Munich April 2-3 German/English €€€€
BrightonSEO UK Brighton April 12 English £0 to ££
WebCampDay France Angers May 24 French
SMX London UK London May 21-22 English ££
Performance Web & TeknSEO Switzerland Geneva May 17 French
UnGagged UK London April 1-3 English £££
WebMarketingFestival Italy Rimini June 20-22 Italian/English
SMX Advanced US Seattle June 3-5 English Not yet
BrightonSEO UK Brighton September 28 English £0 to ££
SearchLove London UK London October 14-15 English Not yet
Pubcon US Las Vegas October 7-10 English Not yet
TechSEOBoost US Boston November  English $0

10 Expected Key Takeaways From The Best SEO Conferences of 2019

1) Search Data Science

Analysis of the internal and external search data, internally crawls, web server log files, analytics tools e.g. Google Analytics, Search Console, PPC, internal search data and databases, externally such as links, crawls(of other websites), SERPs, APIs. How to analyze each of them? How to cross all these data in order to get powerful insights? How to implement  artificielle intelligence, machine learning in the search data analysis?

2) Content/Link Building

3) Mobile SEO, AMP, PWA

4) Structured Data, Schema, Position 0, Featured Snippets

5) Internet Protocols

6) International SEO

7) Local SEO

8) Migrations

9) Other Medias and UX, UI affecting SEO

10) Future of SEO with AI, Voice Search, Personalisations of Search Engines

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