SEOCamp'us / SEO Conference In Paris

SEOCamp , An SEO Conference In Paris

SEOCamp Paris is the most important SEO conference in France. I had decided to participate SEOCamp this year as an audience member however  I had been proposed to give a conference which honored me unspeakably.

My conference  title is "HTTPS The road to a more secure web".  I shared my conference slides at slideshare.

It was an awesome SEO Conference, I would like to thank to all SEOCamp organizers particularly to Lydia Arzour and Aymeric Bouillat.

I attended several conferences at SEOCamp Paris 2017 some of which were mindblowing especially the conference of Priceminister which is one of the largest websites in the world with 24 M pages of which 17 M pages are indexed in google. SEO is very strategical for them as 30 to 40 % of their traffic depends on it. In that conference Cecile Beroni explained the site had a crawl problem, it has still and they have  decided recently to overcome their challenging SEO problems by using data science, machine learning and big data. Priceminister is now predicting googlebot crawl in order to be able to push 1 M predicted URLs in their cache. They are 80 % successful in their crawl prediction. Before googlebot was spending 6 months to discover all the products on the site now they reduced considerably that time due to their crawl prediction.

Vincent Terassi and Rémi Bacha gave a conference about data vizualization in SEO. They brought 3D vizualization to SEO Data exploration. It is the first time I have seen that kind of vizualization for exploring SEO Data. It was very interesting.

The conference from Aymeric Bouillat and Benoit Chevillot was about "Cache". Aymeric presented the client side of the cache and Benoit the server side. I enjoyed their presentation, it was a great show. Their presence on scene was so pleasant, I am sure someone outside of the SEO world can be able to appreciate it although they don't understand any technical terms in it.

I promised before that I would prepare the souvenirs from the conferences which I take part in. You can see them below.

Top twitter mentions at #SEOCamp Paris 2017

seocamp top twitter mentions

Top twitter hashtags at #SEOCamp Paris 2017

Top tweeters at #SEOCamp Paris 2017

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