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Is My Site In Google's Mobile First Index?

Is my site in Google's mobile-first index?

Your site's web server logs will answer the question

As we know few sites have already moved to Google’s mobile-first index.

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Free SEO Tools with Google App Script

Free SEO Tools on Google Sheets with Google App Script

Google Sheets have many restrictions, quota limits however they can still be helpful in daily SEO tasks especially if you have a small website or else if you want to check SEO data quickly on small number of URLs.

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1 Million #SEO Tweets

1 Million Unique #SEO Tweets

I have collected 1 Million unique tweets with the hashtag SEO, actually more than 1 Million, precisily 1 111 035  tweets.

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Technical SEO Log Analysis

Technical SEO Log Analysis On Linux

Web Server Logs Analysis is the essential part of Technical Search Engine Optimization. Without analyzing the valuable data in log files any Technical SEO Audit will be incomplete. It is the only place where you can get accurate information about how search engine bots are crawling your website and on which pages of your site they are sending search engine users.

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SEO Web Server Log Files

What Is A Web Server Log File?

A web server log file is a file which keeps track of all requests that are sent to that web server. The requests can come from humans through browsers or from bots (like search engine bots) through crawlers. Each requests either from humans or robots produces a single line of code in these files. Web server log files are also very useful to analyze the audience of a website because they provide precise information on site traffic. 

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