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Best SEO conferences in 2019

Best SEO Conferences of 2019 in Europe and the World

Why You Should Attend Conferences?

There are so many approaches for learning and improving your search marketing skills or expertise nowadays; reading blogs or books, attending webinars, watching how-to videos on YouTube. Why would you spend your time and money for a Digital Marketing Conference particularly for a Search Engine Optimization Conference?

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My objective is bringing all my experience and expertise together to deliver solid technology solutions that can take your search traffic acquisition to the next level. My main goal is to assist you in building and maintaining your search marketing analytics platforms. My will is to leverage your marketing and IT teams search knowledge while bridging the gap between two.


Botify: Botify Certified Consultant

IBM: Data Scientist, Data Engineering Certificates

Google: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Mobile Sites, Digital Sales Certificated Professional

Coursera: Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform Specialization

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